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Who We Are

I am a licensed psychologist, so Dr. Toporowski to all of my private practice patients. I am also a business owner. I have been charging credit cards in my private practice for years and years and paying credit card processing fees for years and years.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, my revenue increased and therefore, my credit card processing fees increased. Just like all other business owners, I work very hard to earn income and to manage all aspects of my business. My credit card processing fees were the third largest line item in my yearly budget, behind rent and taxes. I knew there had to be another company I could use and lower my credit card processing fees.  

I'm a helper through and through. It was a surprise and at the same time, it wasn't a surprise that I created my own payments company. Whether it's in my private practice, coaching business, or payments company, I'm committed to helping others. In this case, I'm helping business owners choose how they want to spend their hard-earned money.


I'm a Southern Californian living in New England. I'm a Lakers fan and a Red Sox/Patriots/Bruins fan. I'm a skier who prays for snowstorms all winter long. I love flying home to Southern California all the time to be with my niece and nephew.  

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